Saturday, March 28, 2009

To Cut, or Not to Cut?

We visited my dad in Daytona last weekend. Pam and Wyatt went to the beach, I stayed to help the old man get some work done around the property. We put in about 500 feet of fencing, and in the process, I asked him if he wanted me to cut "down" this red bud tree that is growing horizontally across the front of his house. After all, I had the chainsaw out and it would take but a minute. His response, "f*** you, the fantom rides." I took that as a "no." My opinion is that if you like the tree so much, if you cut it down to a stump, it will grow back VERTICALLY, as a tree should. He wasn't buying it. So, I ask, what should be done with the tree?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

His First Ass Whippin

I had baseball practice so Pam took the puppies to puppy class with my daughter. I think everything went good until the end of class when a seven month old mastiff unprovoked grabbed my 20lb puppy "Icee" by the neck and commenced to lifting him off the ground and shaking him. Pam valiantly jumped in and in trying to break the death grip was bitten by Icee on the thumb, which hit a vein and she began bleeding like a victim of a jordin tootoo fight. Finally, the dog let go, the owner (this older woman that has no business with a dog that will eventually weigh more than she does) gracefully cleaned up Icee's bodily functions which he understandably lost control of during the ordeal. When Pam looked up she said there were people 3 deep looking into the training area of the store. They should have charged admission. These pics are of both sides of his neck.

Pam's thumb is sore, but getting better, both she and Icee are on antibiotics. I need to call the manager and tell him it would be wise to cover Icee's vet bill.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So, I have to go to an offsite meeting this morning. Nine to eleven. Two hours. Ugh. Going to meet with a woman named Chigger. If a person is named after a bug, they should at least be good looking. The opperative word here is "should." Why would someone name their kid after something that crawls under your skin, leaves a welp, and annoys the hell out of you? I am not comfortable going into someone else’s territory and trying to poke holes in what they are doing, but I think that is what was expected of me. Anyway, I am sitting there, and to me these guys appear to know what they are doing. They do this all the time, their methodologies appear to be reasonable. About an hour in I am studying this SQL, and the contact lens in my right eye curls up and I am partially blinded. It is under my eyelid and being annoying, so I am trying to discretely roll my eyes, pull my upper eyelid over the lower (I was glad the lights were out and we were watching dude go through his code on the data show). Anyway, after about ten minutes of trying to dislodge this foreign object, I succeed. It pops out, and I pop it in my mouth. I don’t feel getting up is appropriate because basically this is why I am here. So, I figure I’ll wait until we are finished, find someone in the building I know and borrow some solution. Well, eleven o’clock came and went and they are still talking. I’m trying to position this thing in my mouth to keep it safe. Eleven thirty - still talking. Someone asks me a question about how another dept is handling this situation and I tried to answer without revealing the contents of my mouth, and without spitting it on them. Then, I inhaled. Damnit! As I try to put together a cohesive sentence for this nice lady, my contact is now working its way through my digestive system. The meeting ended, and I can’t see out of my right eye.