Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 and 2010

There was some crappy stuff that happened in 2009, but I thought I'd just jot down the highlights of my personal year.

My dad came to visit a couple of times and that is always fun.

I coached my last baseball season for Ozzy Jr. It wasn't our best season ever, but it was one with a bunch of great kids and parents.

My oldest daughter Ashlee got a very good job doing what she was trained to do, and she is happy.

My other daughter Kelsey continues to do well in school and she has a new boyfriend that we like.

I went to brew school.

I won the random drawing at the brewing science festival here in town.

I've had good renters in both my houses all year and very few maintenance calls.

I thought I would have finished my back tattoo, but no.

We got our best dog ever. And our most destructive.

So, 2010 is barely 4 days old and I have already totally screwed up hugely not once but twice. First, I tried to run some moist grain through my grain mill and tore up the main roller. I heard a lot of breweries were doing this to get a better yeild from more than one source. I guess I didn't execute properly. Second, I just realized this morning that we scheduled a vacation to Colorado this month, but we scheduled it on a week where there is no way on this planet I can take off work. Mayday!