Monday, August 16, 2010

Planning. Important.

We've had a lot of trouble this summer keeping Icee in the yard. He escaped a few weeks ago and lost his invisible fence collar. Now he is running amuck. I'm sure our neighbors hate us. He drags stuff from our yard across the street to theirs, steals their dog toys, chases birds up trees in their flower beds, and who knows what else.
Mrs Ozzy bought a new collar last week and thought it would be a good idea to move the control unit from the garage to inside the house because it seems to go a little wacky when it rains or is above 90 degrees. Cool, I wired a new plug for it in the laundry room, ran the boundry wire across the ceiling of the garage and into the house. I get the thing all hooked up and we go to test it.
Nothing. For the dog to get shocked he would have to lay still on the boundry wire. This won't work. Mrs Ozzy checked the manual. Oh, surprise, you can't put the control unit within 3 feet of a large metal object. Hmm, I think our washer and dryer could be considered large and metal.
So, now I'll put it by the back door. Damn. The back door is metal too.
I'm still looking for a good location.