Sunday, December 5, 2010


Ozzy Jr is like most 12 year old boys I guess. Sometimes he is the most modest person in the world, others he's Mr Showoff. His shower time is his time to go in the bathroom, lock the door, turn on the water full blast hot and stay for however much time it takes for me to tell him 30 times to get out. Before the final 'get your skinny ass out of the shower before I come in there and pull you out', there has to be:
(Knock knock) wet your hair and wash it.
(Knock knock) put soap on your body.
and followed by
(Knock knock) dry off, comb your hair and put your deodorant on.
For some reason, if he isn't told, any of the above gets 'forgot'. I don't remember having this problem with my girls.
At the same time, he thinks he has free reign to go wherever he wants without knocking. Saturday night, he strolls in the bathroom on me hopefully for the last time. I retaliated by removing his bathroom door from its hinges. I hope this helps, but it kind of puts a crimp on any plans of having a holiday party.
My old man would probably say I was "cruel and unusual."