Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Las Vegas Wedding

My oldest daughter Ashlee got married in Las Vegas on June 21st at The Chapel of the Flowers. My other daughter Kelsey turned 21 years on in Las Vegas on June 23rd. We also took our 12 year old son, Ozzy Jr. We got to Vegas on Sunday the 20th and left on the 24th. The bride and groom stayed an extra day. Heres my top ten most memorable moments of our trip.

10. I made one bet in Vegas at a penny slot machine in the airport on the way out of town and won $12.50
09. It took about 5 minutes on the strip before Ozzy Jr. discovered discarded "flip" cards on the sidewalk.
08. Lance Burton was pretty good.
07. I didn't cry at the wedding.
06. The groom cried enough for all of us.
05. Getting several beers with the groom, best man just prior to the wedding in the hotel bar.
04. Wearing the same tie I wore at my wedding in Vegas
03. I DID cry when Mrs. Ozzy's purse was stolen out of our rental car at the "Welcome To Las Vegas" sign.
02. Ozzy Jr's reaction to a scantily clad young lady dancing in the Luxor Casino.
01. The pride I felt for Ashlee and Kelsey. They were both beautiful.