Thursday, November 4, 2010

Picture This

I hate all politicians.
With the midterm elections over I thought I would blog about one of my favorite politicians and why I liked this particular SOB more than most of the other SOBs.
That politician would be Ross Perot. Old Big Ears didn't start out as a politician and I don't think he ever wanted to really be one based on his record of getting in and out of races and his bone head VP selection. But there is one thing about Ross Perot that I really liked that no politician has done before or since.
Show me a picture. Ross Perot used charts to tell the American people the state of the nation, and it was effective. He understood that not all of us are auditory learners.
Instead of telling me how horrible the other guy is, or how great a family man you are, show me how much of my tax dollars are going to war and what is going to my old man's viagra.
Show me a picture of how the debt is rising and why.
Many of the business meetings that we all attend have power point, but politicians don't want to get into the 21st century.

Politicians, quit giving me these sound bytes and one liners and give me facts laid out on a bar chart, pie chart, trend graph, spider chart, scattergram, donut, whatever. Give me a chart that shows historical evidence that what you are doing is going to solve the problems, and show me what doing nothing has historically done.

Just please shut up and show me a picture.


What Had Happened Was said...

So, to clarify; When the tax dollars being spent on "your old man's Viagra" are represented visually (as intimated the bar graph you so kindly linked), would or could that be dubbed a "Hard On Heat Map" possibly?

Jay G said...

The first vote I ever cast was for Ross in 1992. No regrets.